When All Health Breaks Loose…


“Okay, so this section is titled Do It Yourself and GS –wait, what?” As of lately, I have enjoyed playing “scientist” at home by trying to make my own skincare items such as an exfoliating body wash, face toner, face masks, eye gels/creams, and so on. I’ve tried a few recipes that I have seen on other websites, but was always more intrigued to try using a different ingredient that was not listed but I thought may work even better. So this section is actually titled “Do It Yourself: Grace Style”. Because when I put my spin on things, well, let’s just say it’s usually out of the ballpark of what you would normally expect.

“Why The Hell Didn’t I Think Of That?” Easy As Balls Body Scrub.

I am the queen of fancy pants when it comes to having spent way too many dolla’, dolla’ bills on body products such as lotion, soap, body exfoliating scrubs, oils, and all of that other kind of funky stuff. I think the reason why we continue to buy such products is because of companies trying to instill fear in us (wrinkles, zits, dry skin, anyone?) thanks to clever marketing strategies. Exhibit A:

“Oh. My. God. If I don’t get this pacific island tequila sunshine scrub, my skin will literally feel like that alligator’s skin in the commercial…omg MAYBE JUST MAYBE I WILL EVEN LOOK SCALY LIKE THAT TOO! I cannot go too many more days or even a day longer without this stuff.”

Exaggerated? Perhaps, but I’m sure that you’ve had a similar conversation amongst yourself when noticing the last drip of shampoo pouring out of the bottle at an incredibly slow speed.

With this body scrub, there really aren’t specific “measurements”: which makes it fun, because that way, it’s all up to you! You get to play. And ways to test out whether or not you like your product, you can be your own tester and try using the scrub with your hands under the sink using warm water. Here’s at least a skeletal idea of how to go about making your home made body scrub, what I like to call “playing scientist”. I realize no science is involved, but…meh. ;)


  • clumps up and does not work well. White sugar is much more fine and does not contain molasses (which is what brown sugar is, basically: sugar + molasses) which makes the consistency a little easier to work with. Makes it not as thick/clumpy basically. I personally like to use organic just because I feel like it’s nice to not have preservatives on my skin, but it just so happens that my mom doesn’t really bake anymore so she gave me her big bag of sugar so I can use it for that. Score. It’s all about personal preference or what my wallet does and does not allow me to do. Regardless, it is not like you are going to eat the sugar so I’m sure buying regular or organic sugar doesn’t matter too much either way. But preservatives do really irk me.


  • Using/adding water (depending on how much and the ratio of sugar to water) to the concoction will separate and quite frankly makes it look kind of gross. However if you don’t mind appearances since it’s likely for your own personal use anyway, if using water just shake up the bottle or get a spoon (or just use your hands while in the shower grabbing some–this is what I do anywho!) to stir it up and then by all means just use water. I prefer the feel of honey, but sometimes it’s more convenient to just use water. I like to use filtered water because I feel like it’s better, but I shower with tap water…little things add up though, I figure :) .


PMA (Prior to Mixing Action)


  • Adding essential oils that are safe on skin is a great way to add scent in there! Since I don’t have oils around as often as I’d like to, I’m going to try using some orange zest and squeeze out a little juice on top of it and see how that works out :) . Maybe I’ll use lemon, too!

  • I have tried 
    honey and it works alright, but quite honestly—regular water and white sugar do just the trick, or something else I’ve done in the past is brew some tea – lavender chamomile tea – and use that in place of water.

  • Make sure that you use more sugar than water. Stir it up, maybe use honey in addition to it if you like or even grapeseed oil instead (I’d say olive oil but olive oil can leave a funky scent) and voila, it works practically the exact same as your St. Ives’ apricot exfoliator (this is probably way less harsh on your face, too!)


And it’s way cheaper. Sure, buying one bag of sugar + a container of honey + tea or essential oils might add up to be more than $4.95 + tax, but you can make at LEAST three times as many bottles – so what would you rather pay, 4 times as much or not? Also, wouldn’t it be nice to know for once what the fuck you’re actually putting on your skin? (I don’t know about you but despite looking up ingredients, I still can’t recognize more than half of the shit listed on the ingredients list of fancy shmancy beauty/skincare products. One only has so much time to spend researching and sifting through articles!)

Alright, my little scientists–now go on and get fucking creative!

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