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According to Centers for Disease Control, data from 2011-2012 showed that 35.1% adults 20 years and older in the United States were obese. We all know being overweight increases the chances of heart disease and cancer. Obese people have over 50% greater chance of getting cancer and heart disease than someone of a healthy weight. What are the options for taking care of this problem?

Dieting does not always work long term. One may lose weight for a while but then gain it back,and even a few pounds more. Liposuction only sucks out the body fat. It’s expensive and only works short term. It’s not a good substitute for dieting and exercise. Gastric banding is meant to temporarily band the stomach area so that it will only hold smaller amounts of food. Therefore, a person can lose weight. Gastric banding is reversible. Gastric bypass surgery cuts down the size of the stomach and is irreversible. In fact,one online reviewer mentioned that her doctor prescribed Adipex-P instead of gastric bypass surgery because of the surgical risks. In the long run, diet programs, Liposuction, Gastric bypass surgery, and Gastric banding can run a person into the thousands. Adipex P is a less expensive and more effective way to lose weight than any surgical procedure out there. One bottle of Adipex P costs only a fraction of weight loss surgery.

Adipex P contains Phentermine, which is an appetite suppressant. Phentermine, the active ingredient,works mainly in the brain decreasing hunger and increasing the metabolic rate
Adipex P is the most often prescribed weight loss drug in America. On two reviewing sites, one site rated Adipex P an 8.8, and another rated it a 9.1. In fact, several product reviewers reported that in less than six months they had lost 50 lbs taking Adipex P. This weight loss supplement isn’t intended for people who want to lose a few pounds.

This drug is approved by the FDA for short term use combined with a sensible diet, behavior modification therapy, and exercise. The best times to take is one to two hours before or after breakfast. Adipex-P is only available through prescription and even though the dosage is 30 mg per day,it is best to take the dosage according to what the doctors believes is a proper dosage.