Does adipex have any serious side effects?

Adipex, being a drug whose primary purpose is to help obese people lose weight, might have some side effects. You should be aware that most likely you might not experience side effects, and that actually most patients have no side effects at all. Yet it is important to note exceptions, so when they do happen, people will be fully informed why and what is happening to them.
Actually, mild side effects are particular for most weight loss drugs since they work to control body hormones who in turn affect other body functions. Adipex works by decreasing people’s appetite and increasing their level of energy. That is achieved by targeting particular parts of the brain in order to produce a feeling of satiety. Due to this function, its numerous possible side effect may range significantly among different patients.
One of the most common side effects is the sense of dizziness. People are also often experiencing nausea that can possibly lead to vomiting. Some report dry mouth, diarrhea or constipation. It is also common for people to have difficulty sleeping especially if they take Adipex later in the day. To avoid most of these side effects it is recommended that the drug is taken before breakfast.

Also since the drug can affects body hormones, it can consequently lead to mood swings such as agitation, uncontrolled anger, nervousness, and even hallucination. It can also change sexual drive and cause sever headaches. These side effects might be also connected with people consuming alcohol which actually works as a body depressant.
Also, very rarely In certain patients it can cause heart problem by creating heart valve irregularity. Patients, on rare occasions, can experience difference in their heart activity such as irregular heart beating which may lead to difficulty in breathing, and feeling of the pain in and around the chest area. If this happens, you should contact your medical institution right away.

On the positive side, the drug is not known to produce as a side effect any allergic reaction. However, if such reaction does occur, patients should look for immediate medical attention at the nearest hospital.

The probability of any side effect increases the longer the drug is being used and if the drug is being overdosed. There is also possibility of building drug dependence during pro-longed use.

So to properly answer the questions if Adipex has any serious side effects largely depends how patients consume it, whether they combine it with other drugs and if they have some prior condition that may interfere with the drug functions.