Can adipex-p be purchased online?

What is Adipex-p?

Adipex-p, the p meaning Phentermine, is a revolutionary new weight loss drug designed for short term use only, and is specifically designed to help people who suffer from obesity. This new weight loss drug is designed to suppress your appetite, boost your energy, and increase your metabolism by effecting your central nervous system. Patients who combine the Adipex-p weight loss pill with exercise, behavioral modification, and healthy eating habits will be able to successfully lose weight and keep it off. Adipex-p has become one of the most widely used weight loss drug in the USA, as well as known for its impeccable results and low risk for side effects.

Adipex-p Dosage

The Adipex-p comes in two different forms, one being a tablet and the other being a capsule. They are both rather large is size, but can be dissolved by letting them sit on the back of your tongue for a couple of seconds. The main difference between the capsule and the tablet is that the capsule contains 30 mg of Hydrochloride and the tablet contains 37.5 mg of Hydrochloride. Even though the tablet has more hydrochloride in them, they have both been proven to be very effective. Patients taking th Adipex-p pill should not take this drug if they are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding. Patients should also always follow the instructions of a physician and not exceed the recommended daily dosage or take it for a longer period of time than suggested.

Can I Purchase Adipex-p Online?

The Adipex-p diet pill requires a prescription from a licensed physician, and it is only available at your local pharmacy or online through online pharmacy with a doctors prescription. However, there is a safe alternative to Adipex-p called Phentermine. Phentermine is the exact same thing as Adipex-p, using similar ingredients to achieve the same effects as Adipex-p. This alternative diet pill is available online at various online vendors and it does not require a prescription to purchase. In addition, unlike Adipex-p, phentermine can be used on a long term basis and it has been approved by the FDA.