Is Adipex-p 37.5 mg effective for weight loss without serious side effects?

Adipex-p, also known by the non-trade name of phentermine, is a widely-approved appetite suppressant. Although natural methods of weight loss are almost universally encouraged by most healthcare institutions, including the FDA, Adipex-p is one of several, possible solutions for short term appetite control that frequently have minimal side effects for most patients. Monthly supplies of Adipex-p and other brands of phentermine are relatively cheap (commonly well under 50.00 USD) and widely available in most first world countries.

While its appetite suppression feature has been thoroughly confirmed, Adipex-p usually is discouraged for patients with additional risk factors, particularly those taking other weight loss treatments. As a singular solution, Adipex-p may be recommended with little worry over side effects, in most cases. However, statistically significant numbers of patients have experienced minor side effects ranging from dry mouth and increased urination to occasional vomiting and hypertension.

In extremely rare cases, indivudals have been known to from potentially life-threatening symptoms, and a potentially causal link to heart disease currently is under investigation. Doses of Adipex-p should be adjusted to suit individuals, and taken according to the bare minimum necessary to achieve the desired suppression of appetite within the given time frame.

Despite its widespread acceptance within the pharmaceutical industry for appropriate weight control circumstances, Adipex-p is a prescription-only drug in most countries. This is seemingly less due to its inherent characteristics on the patient than to its chemical similarity to the controlled substance amphetamine. Prescriptions of Adipex-p are obtainable at most major pharmaceutical retailers.

Overall, users of Adipex-p have rated it as a rapid-acting and effective solution to temporary weight loss problems, such as providing an additional boost to starting a drastic new dietary regimen. The effects of Adipex-p generally are felt within half an hour of its administration. However, it must be emphasized that, like any medication, Adipex-p generally is not recommended as a wholesale substitution for a healthy lifestyle. Obese users of Adipex-p who undertook no other actions to treat their obesity generally see only mild to modest weight loss. Contrariwise, Adipex-p patients who combined its temporary use with dieting and increased exercise often find drastic weight loss to be easily attainable within a time frame of one to three months.