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Beauty Buffs

I am quite the diva when it comes to makeup and skincare products; and due to having tried a wealth of products, some of which were investments that I wish I never bothered with, others surprising, and the rest, well, “meh”. In this section, I will post my personal reviews on different types of specific makeup products (i.e. foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow and the brand names/types of each [i.e. color]) and skincare products that I still purchase because I have yet to perfect making my own at home (i.e. face wash, body soap, etc.). I’ll post pictures of these culprits as well.


Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum: So Far, This Shit Really Works!

For starters, I am REALLY not into advocating for products that I don’t think work or ones that are “just okay”. But in all honesty, you need to hear me out on this–I think that after X amounts of eyelash growth products I’ve experimented with that this eyelash growth serum by Fysiko truly works. Prior to trying Fysiko, I had tried Ardell’s line of eyelash growth serum; I was somewhat pleased, & in fact purchased it again, but not overly ecstatic with my results. Once Influenster gave me the opportunity to test out this product for free, I was ecstatic! But also not overly optimistic–I was fearful of getting my hopes up but now…I am not afraid to do so! Here is why:

  1. Though difficult to notice in the picture listed below, my lashes have gotten not super long after 3 & 1/2 weeks but have filled out in many areas along my lash line where I have little to no lashes. This in turn makes me look like I have more lashes. Boo-yah, grandma (sorry grandma, no diss to you– I love you!)
  2. For the most part, the product is fairly natural–it does consist of some ingredients that I’m not a fan of such as “yeast extract“, “hydrolized soy protein“, & some other ingredients that I am not familiar with but will be looking into…it does however have good ingredients in it such as olive oil, grape seed extract, biotin, & different vitamins (B, C, E, etc.). In comparison to other eyelash growth serum products, I do believe that this product has far LESS nasty components in it. You get what you pay for, basically.
  3. The product was created by a dermatologist who was frustrated with her own eyelashes. (So for the most part, I like to think that she knows what’s up.)

  4. I just re-read the instructions and somehow missed the note of it being okay to use on eyebrows…I have been on a mission for MONTHS to try to get eyebrows similar to Kat Von D’s but without having to get brow lifts or have them tattooed on, which I’m pretty sure she has had at least one or both of those procedures.
  5. You have the option of applying it once or twice a day. I aim for two times per day, but sometimes only get one in. You do have to apply it on clean skin (just washed, no moisturizer, no eye cream, etc.) but I find that after I shower I can apply it right away while I do everything else that I would normally do to get ready then once that 15 minutes is up I can do whatever it is that I need to with my eyelids :P . As for night time application, I just make sure all of my makeup is off, face is clean, & do the same thing; apply the serum on my clean lash line and finish up the rest of my face. Wait for the 15 minutes to be up, then get back to the rest of my eye duties!
  6. You apply it like eyeliner & need only one coat daily. Any more is waste, which is what I’ve been doing out of habit so I’m going to put an end to that now. In regards to application though, that’s it!
  7. After the 16 weeks is up, you can use the product for another 4 months 2-3 times per week to maintain your long lashes that you are rockin’!

I am horrible at taking pictures of my naked eyes–but the photo on the top is from when I first started using the product which I began doing so on Wednesday, May 1st, 2013. Like I’ve said one too many times, you have to use the product daily for 16 weeks to see full results…I’m only 3 & 1/2 weeks in & I’m pretty damn well pleased! I’ll be batting my long lashes and eventual Kat Von D. brows to you in no time, nutrisassies. ;)

*Please keep in mind that I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. I would like to add that if this product was not working, then I sincerely would not recommend it. If you are capable of investing in this product and want to give it a shot, then I highly recommend it! Or if you are willing to save up your pennies…I still recommend giving this product a shot :) .


Liquid Eyeliner Woes: Brand Name Doesn’t Mean A Thing.

Finally, folks! Welcome to the beginning (but probably never-ending!) of my “Beauty Buffs” section! For those of you who know me well, my makeup collection is…obnoxious. And oh, when it comes to products, I pretty much have tried anything and everything.

When it comes to pencil eyeliner, it’s a relationship where the saying “it’s not you, it’s me” is the sincere truth. I just don’t care for pencil eyeliner! I think it looks nice whenever you can find one that actually lasts all day and doesn’t smudge, but I just love the “security” of a liquid eyeliner. You can find good ones that last through tears and sweat, but as of lately I cannot find one who does that AND looks blacker than black. I know it’s not a “natural” look at all, but for me, makeup is so much fun. Some people paint on canvases, and I like to paint just as much–but on my face instead :) . Makeup for me is a way to express myself and my personality. It’s also a comfort thing–it’s gotten to a point where if I go out in public without makeup, I don’t feel like my true self. That’s probably sad and depressing and totally opposite of how I should view myself, but I guess I feel like my hobby has kind of become a part of me. Whether or not that’s weird or abnormal, I don’t care because that’s beside the point. THE POINT IS is that I’ve been trying my darndest to find the most black, long-lasting liquid eyeliner around. And saying that “I love M.A.C.” is a major understatement. I still remember the first time I encountered that glorious brand. I was 13 visiting my dad in Milwaukee. We went into Macy’s or some department store (so it wasn’t M.A.C. specific, at least I’m pretty sure) and I remember seeing that cosmetics stand–such a classic look with so much fire and passion, I JUST HAD TO STOP IN. Wow, way to give in to marketing ploys, Grace…anyway…since then, now being 23, that means I’ve had a 10-year love affair with this brand. I trust it more than my extended relatives. Noting this and after getting the chance to go up to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis, Minnesoter) to drop off one of my siblings at the airport who had come to visit, we had time to check out the Mall of America which means I had a personal date with the M.A.C. store. I told the sales associate of my issue, and this is what she suggested to me–and these are my verdicts:

M.A.C. Superslick Liquid Eyeliner

M.A.C.’s Website’s Description: ”A liquid liner so slick it almost describes itself. Water-based, water resistant, quick and precise to apply. Dries in 15 seconds to provide a sleek, longwearing, wet-look, no-smudge line. The superior no-fuss, no-wobble application lies in the “magic tip” of the easy-to-control dip-stick applicator.”


  • Very black/dark in color–exactly what I was looking for!
  • Lasted through tears, sweat, and the occasional watery eye. When using a cotton ball or paper towel to dry off any excess liquid, the liner still stayed on. Solid!
  • The brand…how fun is it to say, “well, that’s cool, but I have M.A.C. eyeliner”. Yes, I am that girl when it comes to makeup that you all hate–I’m sorry that I am not sorry.
  • The only type of style I do is a cat-eye. The applicator makes making a cat-eye a breeze!


  • Obviously the price is one, but you know when you’re buying from M.A.C. you are buying the name more than anything else, or so it seems. So maybe it qualifies more as a compromise than a con.
  • It barely lasted me two months! I do use eyeliner almost everyday, but I’ve had liners last me 3-4 months…sad panda.
  • When applying the liner more than once, it will get flaky and peel off. Wtf?!
  • If you do not apply the liner carefully or quick enough, it will spread the eyeliner…meaning parts of the liner will look LIGHTER than others.
  • Definitely did NOT dry in 15 seconds. More like 15 minutes, or so it seemed!


Sorry, M.A.C. — I love you but this one was a flop for me. I’ll be trying something else from another line next time. If that one also makes me a sad panda, then I will return to you as a rebound.


Eye Love You, I Really, Really Do. You’re Better Than Ice Cream.

We’ve all been in relationships that are emotionally abusive…eye-creams has been one of them; “you and I are working well together” “wait, NO, NO WE ARE NOT WORKING OUT“, “I thought you cared about me!“, “you are just a waste of my money and my time!” …etc. ;)Here are some of my past eye-cream relationships:

  • Nothing
  • Tanning lotion…as in going to tanning beds without eye goggles on and putting tanning lotion on my lids and under my eye lids to avoid getting racoon eyes (this was very, very, VERY BAD. One of the tanning girls suggested this to me but not to tell anyone that she told me that…probably because, oh, I don’t know–now I have potential cancer cells there because of all the damage? This is true actually. My dermatologist looked through some big lens doo-dad after I told him of this crime against myself.)
  • Estée Lauder Idealist eye cream
  •  Coconut oil (cold-pressed & organic)
  • Grapeseed oil (organic)
  • Manuka honey eye cream

Some of these probably make you think, “okay, well, that’s weird but I kind of get it”…but what might be on your mind moreso is ”what the hell is manuka honey?” Well the discovery didn’t happen on my own; my grandma was talking to me around the holidays of how she had a friend from New Zealand who brought as a gift to her this awesome type of hand cream. Unfortunately she used it all up and was pretty torn that she didn’t have any left. Gramcakes is in her older age and her computer is from the stone age so I decided to do some research on Amazon and get her that for Xmas. The  is so light and hydrating, I really recommend it! If I didn’t have like…5+ bottles of lotion laying around, then I probably would have bought some for myself as well.

Anyway, as we’re all aware, whenever you check out a product on Amazon or pretty much any other site, often times they show you similar products that they have. I was almost out of my Estee Lauder eye cream and was on the prowl for a new eye cream, so I clicked on over to this by a company called “Wild Ferns” and decided to give it a try. After about 3 and 1/2 months of use, here are my verdicts:

  1. Though it does not fully match up to the awesomeness that was my Estee Lauder Idealist eye cream in my personal opinion, it is $45 cheaper and just as hydrating if not even more so. Did not have any skin-cooling applicator like the Idealist did though. Application was finger-based, which is fine, but I like having an applicator (just a personal preference).
  2. I used it twice a day rather than once a day as recommended on the box; the fact that I could’ve potentially gotten six months of use rather than just three and a half by following directions is pretty cool to know. I don’t think using it twice a day was wasteful, though–your eyes and the skin surrounding your eyes are pretty fucking important, and after annihilating them as much as I did, I like to do my best to take better care of them now.
  3. Appears to have more natural ingredients than the Idealist eye cream did. (If you’re wondering what manuka honey is exactly, check out a brief tidbit of its historical background .)
  4. The texture of the manuka honey was smooth and creamy while still being very light and airy–made my skin feel smooth like satin once my skin totally soaked up all of its goodies. The cream would dry up in about 10-15 minutes post application.
  5. Over the course of time, the cream did seem like it helped decrease the noticeability of my dark under-eye circles and made them look less “tired”, if you will.
  6. $13 + shipping and handling versus $60+…you do the math and let me know which one my debit card, Debra, prefers.

Though a great product overall, I do not think that I’ll be pulling a Daft Punk by celebrating it one more time but solely for finance’s sake. I realize that $13 every few months isn’t all that bad, but since my manuka honey eye cream has been gone I’ve resorted back to coconut oil in the evenings and grapeseed oil in the mornings, both of which are exceptionally hydrating :) . Minus the fact that the oil can get stuck between my lashes and make things look a little blurry on seldom occasion they both work out just fine. I also decided to purchase actual manuka honey in an attempt to make my own eye cream sometime; but for now I just take a little bit of that with some all natural peanut butter and omg…yum. (I bought mine from the local food co-op in town for $17. If you are interested in purchasing manuka honey, try going to a co-op or health/wellness store in town first to see if it is something that they already have available or if it is a product that they could order for you. Odds are it’d be cheaper from them than from Amazon. Otherwise if you cannot find manuka honey in your area,  that is listed on Amazon for a few bucks more. Check out the product description and some of the customer reviews to get some additional input.)

Everyone has their facial flaws and their weighty woes, but regardless, I truly believe that a healthy diet and organic, natural skin care regimen can help reduce the visibility of my dark under eye circles and constant tired-look without having to buy some fancy shmancy cream that tells me otherwise :) . Manuka honey is known to have very beneficial medicinal properties which makes it great for consumption and topical purposes. I found this page that lists some of that information, so  to check it out if you’re interested!

Hopefully you found this information useful. And if not, well, then at least you learned something new ;) . And if you didn’t learn something new…well then you can pat yourself on the back for knowing all kinds of awesome shit!

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