When All Health Breaks Loose…

I Apologize For The Hiatus. And No, I’m Not Apologizing Just To Apologize!

Ladies and gents, home skillets and baked goods, I am afraid that school (no summer break for me –I want to graduate and get out of here, dammit!) and working two jobs has left me rather busy. Oh, that plus my recent addition to my home–Hippocrates Lewis-Bonheur, the hedgehog :) (Hippo for short). He is eight weeks old today and my oh my has he gotten so big! But this is all besides the point. ANYWAY, the intent of this blog is to help me stay on track by providing motivation to others (and myself!) with the use of some hard truths which are lightened up with some slightly vulgar humor. Me not posting means less opportunity to help keep me on track but moreover less opportunity to help others. This in turn makes me a sincerely sad panda, which is why I am apologizing to you, my lovely nutrisassies.  I used to be the kind of person to apologize in effort to simply “smooth things over”. Matter of fact is that doing that for so many years turned me into a confident-less wimp! I’m still somewhat of a wimp, but am improving. Apologies shouldn’t be handed out like candy; one should only apologize if they really did someone wrong. In this scenario, I have mostly done myself wrong, but also have done wrong to my readers! I appreciate you all checking out my blog and hope that it has been of some help (or at least entertainment) to you. I am dedicated to this blog and will be more active for you and for myself :) .

Since there is a new “man” in my life, I figured that I’d update you with some photos of his royal cuteness growing up. This is when I first got him, me attempting to bond with him…he is so precious! (He looks less cranky when we hang out now. :) )
ImageOther updates more applicable to this blog…In terms of exercise, I still exercise 5-6 days per week. I am for five days at the gym then one day I like to do a “random” workout, which lately has been a yoga DVD that I have and is one of the first ones I invested in and remains to be the best that I have tried. I’ll go over a review of my workout DVDs later…oh that and give you an update on my journey; so far, I have lost over five inches on my waist and 5% body fat along with toning up…but due to personal mistakes, I have only lost one pound of fat (but have gained three pounds of muscle, which is good). I feel so much better and look better – but I don’t think I committed myself to the diet as much as I had thought I did. Sigh. I have been so concerned about losing weight the healthy way–as in, not freaking out about it or counting calories in the most OCD fashion possible–but that means that I have allowed myself to be “too lax” with everything. Le sigh. But with mistakes made comes lessons learned–apparently I just need to learn them twice to get them to stick in my head.

Here are the following long-term plans;

1. Product updates — workout DVDs to all natural products that actually work!

2. Vivacity Capacity — my workout journey and how I cope with my shortcomings (or work around them in terms of form and the mental aspect of it)

3. A new weekly section–something like, “What’s Your Worth Wednesdays”. Not sure what exactly, but it will just be a weekly motivational bit.

4. A bunch of other word vomit in my head that I have spilled into a word document but have yet to organize. Recipes like gluten-free and dairy-free ice cream, too!


Lastly, here’s a picture of Hippo in his formal attire. Yes, I wasted some time on the “Tuxedo Kittie” app and dressed him up. You know you love it.



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